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The Halifax Adverts

Not content with the remorseless havoc wrought upon the unsuspecting viewer by their earlier ad campaign, which featured a variety of unnecessarily jovial ’employees’ inexplicably singing, Halifax have been at it again, and, unfortunately for everybody, this time they have stepped up their game. Where previously they had sought the mere irritation of their victim, the fine minds at the Halifax advertising department are now looking to enrage him or her with a variety of mesmerisingly aggravating and non-sensical radio station sketches, presumably under the mistaken impression that any press is good press. I am sorry Halifax, but it did not work for the Frosties kid (we hear that he is still alive, but in hiding… somewhere. I think I speak for us all when I say: I hope he gets caught soon, so that he might be brought to justice) and it sure as hell hasn’t worked for you. I would like it to be known that I will never bank with Halifax, solely because of these adverts, and I encourage everybody who reads my blog to do the same. Pathetic? Maybe. Justified? Definitely. 
What were they thinking? Honestly. More importantly why didn’t somebody stop them? And then kill them? Presumably this Godless mess had to be okayed by someone with real authority. Where are they now if not hanging from the rafters, suspended ungracefully with their shoelaces around their necks and a bloody apology in their front pocket. What a disgraceful affront to humanity. Truly there is no dignity left in a world that is home to such utter rubbish. Please God never let me catch anybody laughing with genuine mirth to one of these. I do not know what I would do. Linked beneath are the offending articles. Be advised: their capacity to induce reckless fury entirely beggars belief.

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