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Oh Holy Night

WordPress is snowing; Christmas must be upon us once more. I’m a softy for these kinds of things and to that end I would like to share with you what I think is a particularly fine rendition of one of my favourite carols, ‘Oh Holy Night’, by Celtic Woman, staring Chloe Agnew.

PS: When searching for this video on Youtube I found that I had typed in Oh Holy Night, Angels. I suppose, in many ways, that’s what they are! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Or, if that’s not to your liking, how about a slightly different version, courtesy of Eric Cartman? (I love the way he counts himself in).



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The Aviators, by Helen Jane Long

Every now and again one is fortunate enough to stumble upon a piece of music that catches one by the heartstrings and does not let go. Today I found exactly that in ‘The Aviators’, by Helen Jane Long. You may have heard a part of it in the BA ‘to fly, to serve’ adverts.

Whilst listening on youtube I found that the music – which is featured on the BA advert mentioned in a previous post – was being compared to Hans Zimmer / Klaus Badelt’s ‘He’s A Pirate’ as if this was in some way a bad thing. It was suggested that Long should be ashamed of herself for taking the credit for somebody else’s genius. I am afraid I do not share this view. A good piece of music is as much about how it makes you feel, as it is about how it sounds. Anybody sensible who has listened to the two tracks will see that there is no meaningful comparison to be made between them, if indeed there is a comparison to be made at all.

I am a methodical writer – after the initial trembling excitement of a new idea, rarely do I feel particularly happy about what I am producing. Writing is a slog for me. I don’t mind, that’s just the way it is; I sit down, and I get it done. Music is my crutch – I would have produced nothing without it – and on occasions I am lucky enough to be reminded of the reason why I write; to stir the passions in others as others have stirred the passions in me.

I have written 2,500 words today. Each one of them is thanks to a beautiful piece of music by Helen Jane Long.


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