My Writing

From The Edge Of Tyranny (90,000 words) – a philosophical fantasy about a family’s struggle against religious intolerance and oppression.

The Adventures Of Melvin Blackwell (25,000 words) – a carefree jaunt following a young man’s hapless antics in the C19th British colony of Brisbane, Australia.

Jamie’s Father (5,000 words) – a slightly more serious offering dealing with the relationship between a young man and his father, who suffers from dementia. This story was runner up in the Bridge House Short Story Competition 2011, and is due to be published in a ‘Winners Anthology’ in 2013.

Andrew Berkiss: The Branch-Line Case (5,000 words) – a philosophical science-fiction story about the implications of cloning on questions of personal identity.

The Wind In The Trees (5,000 words) – a young adult story about a boy who finds solace from the effects of bullying in the friends he makes in his dreams. This story was on the longlist of the Fish Publishing Short Story Competition 2011.

They Called It Mametz (3,000 words) – a depiction of the Devonshire Regiment, 9th Battalion, on the eve of the Battle Of The Somme. This story is has been published by Chamberton Publishing as part of their ‘Tribute Series’ and is available on Amazon here (UK) and here (US). You can also listen to me narrating it on Tales Of Old Podcast, edited by Shawn Robertson.

At Wit’s End (750 words) – a short piece about the final thoughts of Herbert Jones, the jockey who ran over Emily Davidson at the Epsom Derby, 1913. This story is available to read here. It has also been published in an anthology launched by the Norwich Writer’s Centre.


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