Maybe This Time

Maybe this time sir, maybe we’ll win this time,
A smile – yes boys, have heart and stay in line, 
And God bless you – aye sir, God bless you too –
Let’s show these Huns the things a man can do.
But maybe this time, yes, maybe this time,
Why maybe fate this time will be so fine,
To gaze upon the lads, their cheeks still red,
And choose to let them live instead.
Maybe this time, oh Lord, maybe this time,
You might for once have spared those boys of mine,
You heard their cries above the sound of war,
Yet all is as it was before.


Filed under Beyond The Grave, My War Poetry

8 responses to “Maybe This Time

  1. Nice! It should be put to music and sung at a pub with a full mug of beer.

  2. Poetry of the battlefield,
    forever has been heard,
    and we, mankind,
    have yet, to heed their words.
    Very fine post.

  3. I recently read a book on World War I and was dismayed to find that there was no great cause for all the loss of life. Leaders simply sacrificed all those young men for almost nothing.

    • I just wrote an essay on this very subject Bard my old chum. Have you happened upon ‘Bloody Victory’ by William Philpott? It is a very interesting read. The suggestion he makes is that it was less the leaders and more the state of technology at the time that led to the sheer magnitude of the slaughter for little or no gain.

  4. I wonder how many of the officers serving in WWI or any other wars were thinking along exactly these lines.

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