Fun Friday Fact #8

On August 15, 1943, following an intensive naval bombardment, 35,000 US and Canadian troops stormed onto the Japanese owned island of Kiska. There were 17 fatalities in the ensuing fire-fight. 

Things might have been worse but for the absence of the enemy.

Unperturbed by the silence that greeted them, those brave boys prowled the island for several days Рskirmishing here and there and triumphantly bearing their standards aloft Рall the while completely unaware the Japanese had withdrawn. By the time they realised their mistake there had been roughly 200 casualties from accidents, friendly fire, enemy booby traps and general over excitement about the whole thing. An additional 130 men suffered cases of trench foot. And all this for an island of little to no strategic or military value. Nice one.



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8 responses to “Fun Friday Fact #8

  1. Interesting.
    Reminds me of a story from the 1970s when the LAPD got into a firefight with the SLA (the terrorist organisation who kidnapped and allegedly brainwashed Patti Hearst).
    After having expended some serious ordinance and sustained more than a few casualties, the LAPD finally discovered that the SLA were long gone and hard to find and what they had thought was incoming fire were actually ricochets from a conrete wall.
    Bit embarassing.
    Could never happen these days.

  2. Alegria Imperial

    I suppose you’ve read or heard about the stragglers among Japanese soldiers who hid deep in Philippine forests, so deep in one of the islands that long after the war had been over they stayed in hiding. When finally found, one looked transformed from eating with the birds and totally dazed. Indeed a nice post, Edward!

  3. A perfect example of the stupidity of war and Man’s folly

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