The Star Wars Prequels & The RedLetterMedia Reviews

First I should apologise. What my absence has been like for you I can only guess – the long, miserable hours that must have felt like a lifetime; the tearful checking of inboxes for signs of life; the pressing of refresh buttons with white-knuckled fervour; and, at last, the resigned¬†re-visiting of past glories.¬†Yes it has been a while, and you have missed me, but let’s speak of it no more. The New Year is yawning. It awaits my mark.

I had originally intended to review the Star Wars Prequels for myself, but my friend recently recalled to me the RedLetterMedia reviews and I remembered at once how fruitless any attempt by me on this score would be by comparison.

The RedLetterMedia reviews are as insightful, funny and forceful as any I have ever seen but what makes them stand out in my mind is their sheer honesty. This is not just some ‘n00b’ picking holes in the prequels because he feels like it, or because it is easy. Rather it is a genuine fan who, like me, grew up on Star Wars and learned to love it, before being forced to watch its majesty become engulfed in flames until all that remained was a twisted, charred husk of what it used to be.

Anyway, enough from me. Some of you may well already be acquainted with the reviews, but if you aren’t you would do well to pay attention. I’ll post the first link and you can continue the journey from there. I hope you enjoy! And a very Happy New Year to you all.


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