The men who fight

For those asleep on England’s shores,
Are fighting men in foreign wars,
Are falling men in foreign wars,
For those asleep on England’s shores.
Come now sir, you’re being a bore,
Say some of those from England’s shores,
What cares have we for foreign wars,
When wars are fought without a cause?
What cares have you? You’ve some for sure,
Although you might not find the cause,
Have care for men in foreign wars,
For men who stay on distant shores.


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9 responses to “The men who fight

  1. They are to be admired for their selflessness. Thanks for drawing up the images 🙂

  2. Love this well stated poem. I am sure most would agree with your sentiment!

  3. A contentious issue in current-day wars, Edward – perhaps I’m too much of the cynic, but I think too many of these wars are certainly without a valid cause and not all those men are participating due noble motivation

    • It certainly is contentious and I suspect that you are correct, at least in part. Perhaps I’m too much of the romantic, but I’d still like to hang on to the idea that most men who participate participate due to noble motivation. That is certainly my view re. World War One, and I do not think that the nature of war has changed over the years. It still requires men of bravery, even if the goal has switched from obvious national defence to obvious oil snatching. Wait, I meant preventing a genocide. Or something.

  4. When you join the army or another service you sign an open cheque on your life and of course may be called upon to serve in an unpopular (at least with some of the population) war. Regardless of the popularity or otherwise of the war the troops themselves should always be supported by their countrymen – good poem.

  5. Such talent is the reason I nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. Congrats!

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