Getting My Christmas On

My Christmas sock has a hole in it. This simply will not do.

I love to get my Christmas on. Like it’s not even natural, that’s how much I love it. Given that I am a rabid atheist my admiration for the festival might come as a bit of a shock, but there we have it.

It is a curious thing indeed that certain occasions seem to bring to mind correlating feelings. There is a way in which Christmas is supposed to feel, so much so that one can let one’s self down if one does not feel it in the right way. I find that it is the same with Halloween, albeit to a lesser degree.

It is impossible to describe the Christmas feeling, but I believe most people understand what I’m on about – I’m sure they yearn for it as I do. Indeed, I seem to spend this time of the year in vain search for that elusive Yuletide high. On my calendar and on my board in my room I have allocated certain days to the vague activity of ‘getting Christmassy’. Below are some of the steps I will be following to get myself in the groove. If you have any of your own please feel free to share. Then I’ll leave you all alone until Friday.

1. Watching cartoon christmas specials – in particular Futurama, The Simpsons and Southpark. I think this is the most important one on the list.

2. Listening to Christmas Carols – I recommend The Kings College (Cambridge) Choir for that hair rising on the back of the neck experience.

3. Attending Carol Services – yes, at Church of all places. I try to ignore the way the light of the candle scorches my pagan skin.

4. Wondering aimlessly around Norwich, the self-entitled ‘fine city’, gazing at the Christmas offers, the Christmas lights and, all being well, basking in the pale glow of the softly falling snow.



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2 responses to “Getting My Christmas On

  1. Hi
    I have just found you via belfastdavid and how glad I am to have done so!!

    You have said it all in your list! One more thing on the list for me is to watch the film “Mixed Nuts” with Steve Martin. I have been known to watch it twice before Xmas if it didn’t quite hit the spot the first time! I have done all the other things too (though replacing Norwich with Leeds!) This post has me laughing out loud! I knew it was going to be a good one when I read your first sentence. And your line “I try to ignore the way the light of the candle scorches my pagan skin” is just wonderful!!

    I hope you have a very Christmassy Christmas! :):)
    And thank you for your humour.

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