On The Death Of A Giant

A hero has fallen. Christopher Hitchens, one of the people I would most like to have met, walks among us no more. He’s with God now. Now that would be a tricky reunion…

If you haven’t heard of him, look him up. I’m not going to go on and on about how great he was lest I insult his memory; quite frankly an accurate description of his majesty runs far beyond my humble talent.

He was one of the foremost minds of our times. A giant among men. A staunch advocate of intellectual honesty whose life was spent in unflinching obedience to the rules of logic and proper thought.

At the end of this post I have placed a link to a video, which is part of a series of ‘Hitch Slaps’. I urge you to watch it, either in reminiscence, or else to see what the man was about for yourselves.

A word of warning – those of my readers who are of a religious persuasion might not enjoy what Hitchens has to say; he was, after all, most famous for the less than favourable attitude he held towards the Catholic Church and other forms of organised religion.

I would that you watched it in any case. There is nothing to be gained from ignoring the problems that face our beliefs, be they religious or otherwise. Hitchens is for sharing. I have never seen anybody argue with such force, such eloquence, such feeling and such integrity. The man demands respect; he must be admired by people in all walks of life. You may not agree with what he had to say, but you cannot dispute the elegance of the way in which he said it.

The world has lost a man of incomparable quality. RIP.

Hitchslap 37 – Religion Is Insanity

Hitchens’ spellbinding interview with Jeremy Paxman, in which he fronts up to his own death with remarkable calmness of thought.



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10 responses to “On The Death Of A Giant

  1. He sounds like a man I would have loved to know; speaking his mind no matter how controversial – I love that! I feel we have to be true to ourselves, always.

  2. I watched his videos that you linked. He appears to be a sincere man who wanted the best for humanity. In his video he refers to the idea of God as most believe in as a dictatorship. You may want to read the following on my blog where I also explore critically the idea of God as most believe in it:
    and if you are really prepared to challenge yourself and look beyond the offence: http://moizbillah.wordpress.com/2011/10/05/786110/

    There is also a post on Sigmund Freud and religion on my blog which you may enjoy at http://moizbillah.wordpress.com/2011/11/08/sigmund-freud-on-religion/
    Thanks for bringing this guy to my attention.

  3. We shall surely miss his intellect and humour, Edward. I started reading ‘Hitch-22’ last weekend – it is a fascinating read

  4. Another great and thoughtful dead guy. You’ve put it brilliantly, it’s nice to read such earnest stuff when the mighty fall.
    I’m sure you’ve seen this already, but just in-case: http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/viv-groskop-behind-every-christopher-hitchens-6279121.html also

  5. Yes a brilliant man and a great loss. I’ve never seen Hitchens back down once from what he believed in. He had an amazing ability to state his argument without any wasted words and to demolish his opponents. His great strength as you say was his unwavering intellectual honesty.

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