Fun Friday Fact #1

Adolf Hitler was awarded the ‘Times Man (later, Person) of the Year’ award in 1938.

This award, given just one year before the outbreak of war – when it was already more than clear to most the way the penny was falling – shows an astounding lack of awareness that really beggars belief.

Hitler would later be joined by the esteemed company of fellow happy-go-lucky dictator Joseph Stalin (1942), hands still dripping red with Polish blood after the purges of the ’30s, and American funny man George Bush (2000 & 2004).

As far as the award goes as a measure of integrity, I’d say it is better not to have won it. But then I would say that, I have not won it; for some reason the good people behind the damn thing are yet to look my way…



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9 responses to “Fun Friday Fact #1

  1. I thought Person of the Year was a recognition of influence, good or bad. That’s why coniving, plagiarising shits like Mark Fuckerberg can get it.

    • Nice to see you taking a more active role old friend. Doubtlessly there is some truth to what you say. However I think that at the time the award was made the people in charge of it had their eyes closed. I do not believe Hitler would have won it if the right people had dropped their policy of appeasement and taken the time to take a look at what was actually going on. In other words it was not given to him because of his (negative) influence, but rather this was not even taken into account. They thought he was a good bloke, so to speak, or otherwise were terrified about what would happen if he wasn’t.

      2 questions (if, like you say, it’s about influence and ‘thems the rules.’)

      1. Why didn’t Einstein win it not Hitler?
      2. Why didn’t Bin Laden win it not George Bush?

      PS: I thought that Mr. Facebook won it for being in that film?

  2. Josh

    I’m afraid you have indeed won it – ‘You’ won, in 2006.

  3. You have upset me sir.

    PS: Thanks for commenting.

  4. sarahjaneprosetry

    There are many brilliant things stated in this post. The best, however is “American funny man George Bush”. Amazing!!!

  5. Haha thanks! I think it’s a fairly deft description 😉

  6. sarahjaneprosetry

    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award. There is more info on my blog.

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