The Soldier and the General

In time’s careful, steady stretching, where long hours slowly pass,
The privates line their little trenches, dreaming of the past,
How close it feels, the taste of home, that lingers in their breast,
Harder each time to bring to mind, when tired eyes close to rest.
How now the cold, the smell of fear, the sound of someone’s scream,
Shattering silent soldiers’ sleep, and piercing peaceful dreams,
From all the things that terrify, ‘gainst which they cannot defend,
As one the huddling heroes hide, and wait for waiting’s end.
And in time’s fast, frightful fretting, where short hours quickly pass,
The generals line with wine their hearts, to death their men they cast,
Their orders false and fleeting, all obeyed as works of law,
Theirs to make known a plan and stand, with backs to danger’s jaw.
Glory is won in vict-ory, and to that noble end,
The boys whose lives are theirs to guard, to find their fate they send,
The dogs of war unleash do they, let they the whistles roar,
And sacrifice a nation’s youth, to the flaw that war ends war.


Filed under Beyond The Grave, My War Poetry

3 responses to “The Soldier and the General

  1. Excellent poem in thought, in rhythm, alliteration, rhyme, and metaphor.

  2. Oh! my!..well done Edward, I read this over & over, love it mate.

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