About me

Hello, my name is Edward Fraser and I live and write in the wilds of Norfolk. I have completed one novel and six works of shorter fiction to date, the details for which are available on the ‘My Writing’ section of this blog.

My stories span a range of genres, but I alway focus my writing on people in extraordinary circumstances, with the ambition of shedding some light on the human condition.

A graduate in Philosophy from King’s College London (2010), I have been published in ‘Philosophy Now’ and I am the writer and co-host of the popular philosophical podcast ‘The Thirst’ (www.thethirstpodcast.com). For more information, please consult the ‘The Thirst Podcast’ section of this blog.

I am also a keen amateur historian, with a particular interest in the British empire from 1815-1918 and the First and Second World Wars.

I keep myself out of trouble by travelling the world as extensively as is possible for a penniless student. I don’t read as much as I should, I have a peculiar penchant for fresh socks and I am a keen supporter of Manchester United Football Club.

Should you want to get in touch with me about anything, I stalk the halls of twitter and facebook. Or you can reach me via edwardfraser@googlemail.com.

NOTE: I am currently taking a sabbatical from blogging to focus on other exploits. If you wish to stay in touch, please do so via my podcast.


29 responses to “About me

  1. Hello there, any Man U fan is alright in my book, Edward … and I do like the picture you’ve painted…. Many thanks for dropping by my site and here I ‘be’ repaying the compliment… See you soon..

  2. Whatever ‘ists you are, you show great promise as a writer.

    Just Another Rational Human

  3. Hello, Edward. Thanks for dropping in on ‘Tom Fleck’ with encouraging words – amid three million books on Amazon a writer can sometimes feel like a lost molecule of the Sun.
    Just back from Scarborough; gulls, crashing waves and the odour of chips. But home to a sunset and flocks of fieldfares in search of somewhere to roost.

  4. jennygoth

    if you can put up with a none footy fan then il be back lol xxjen

  5. Charlie Adams

    You seem to be soliciting yourself on my News Feed and I feel moved to click on the occasional post. I thought I’d make you aware of this fact. I shall probably continue reading at about this level, so you can count me among your potential audience in future. I anticipate this will lead you to up your game.
    You don’t need to thank me.

    • Charlie,

      I am sorry to have assailed you with my incessant posting. Rest assured that this was by no means a determined assault in your direction, rather I fear you must have picked up bits of shrapnel aimed at the world at large.

      I will of course, as you anticipated, be upping my game to meet the demands of my new readership.

      Thank you,


  6. Oh, and how do you make money to support all this fine writing — and man you are good? By selling your writings?

  7. Sorry, can’t remember if I “followed”

  8. Eliza

    Thanks for popping on my blog!! 😀 I’ll check your out more thoroughly when I get the time … See you!

  9. OL Shepp

    I am not a poet, either. Words, though, can be the only way to paint a picture.

    I am more than flattered that you liked “The Deceiving Moon.” Thank you for stopping by.

  10. Hey Edward! I really enjoy reading your blog, you post some really cool stuff! Because I’m such a fan -hahaha- I’m nominating you for the Liebster Blog Award! (refer to my blog for details) Enjoy it, and thanks for reading my blog!

  11. Annemarie

    I think it is time i should say, nice to meet you. 🙂

  12. Hello Edward!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my poem. I’ll be sure to check out your future posts, too. Nice to meet you!

  13. Hello Edward! Thanks for dropping by my blog and liking the ?Chapter. Your blog looks very intellectual-y. Hope i can keep up! 😉

  14. hey Edward, you’re an accomplished writer and your acknowledgement of my little poem this morning made my day. thanks!

  15. Hi Edward, thanks for following my blog! When and where can we read your book?

  16. Hi Edward – I came across your blog by accident and find a lot of good things here. I have a blog on wordpress too : narenonwordpress.wordpress.com

    Do check it out when you’re free.

  17. thehistoryvault

    Very quirky and interesting blog. Well done.

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